Bringing your appliances back to life 

Oven/Stove Service:
 One thing we do know.....Cookies won't bake themselves!! Our local pros receive ongoing traning and have access to hundreds of repair parts for all brands of ovens and stoves.

Washer Service:

Our techs receive ongoing training and have access to hundreds of repair parts for all brands of washers

Dryer Service:
Did your dryer stop heating? Maybe it's taking a long time to dry clothes...Whatever the case may be one of our Appliance Medic on-call dryer repair techs can handle the job. We can service all dryer brands!​

Appliance Repair

Dryer Vent Cleaning:
You can be confident that your dryer vents are free of lint, small papers, and other debris. We are committed to making your home safer by addressing this fire hazard. 

Freezer Service:
You tell it to freeze and it won't... At Appliance Medic, our pros will help you determine the issue and most importantly we will fix it. Is there frost build up? Is the freezer leaking? Malfunctioning compressor? A bad defrost heater? Or maybe a damaged evaporator coil. Whatever your issue is give us a call.

Dishwasher Service:
Our dishwasher repair techs will handle all major and minor issues that causes your dishwasher not to run properly. We are trained on all dishwasher brands and we can service you today.​

Refrigerator Service: 
At Appliance Medic, our pros are trained to diagnose leaks, ice maker issues, and dirty condenser coil. Whatever the problem may be with your refrigerator we are the team to call today to set up an appointment. Our techs are trained on all major brands, if you have it we can fix it!